The greatest stories always start with a friendship. Plantin Kaviari was born out of the mutual respect of two of the world finest culinary brands: Plantin, the ambassador of French truffles, run by the Poron family; and Kaviari, the ultimate reference of caviar, run by the Nebot family and Raphael Bouchez. It was only a matter of time before they were brought together by their common passion for culinary craft, family traditions, chefs and fine food. Plantin Kaviari first came to birth in Hong Kong, 5 years ago, under the name Gourmet en Provence, distributing the finest food brands to chefs and fine food lovers. In the wave of their tremendous success, Kaviari joined Plantin in NY in 2015. Plantin Kaviari, an international brand of fine food distribution, was officially born that year. Today the two families are continuing their exciting culinary journey abroad together and would be honored to have you joined them. Please discover the culinary brands we are proud to distribute.

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